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17 septembre 2015 4 17 /09 /septembre /2015 14:22

On Saturday September 19th 2015 the team of the AMIENS SPORT TABLE TENNIS CLUB will begin its new season, 2015-2016, in the Nationale 1 division. The team will play in Chef Boutonne, near Poitiers.

The players will enjoy playing in Nationale 1! They left this level 4 years ago.

From September to December 2015, the players will be :

  • Yannick VOSTES (n°67), 29, our new player, winner of the Belgian championship in 2010, and n°5 in the Belgian ranking,
  • our charismatic captain Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174), 51, former player and captain of the French National team,
  • Arthur BILAS (n°249), 18, vice-champion of the junior Belgian championship in 2015. He was in the last sixteen players of the Junior European championships in Bratislava this summer,
  • and Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°368), 19, winner of the junior Picardie championship. He passed the first exam of the medical school in 2015 (nothing to do with the table tennis game, but it was also a great achievement!).

Our team is in a very high level group, with seven very good teams. Monaco is untouchable, with four top players, ranked in the 100 best players in France. Three teams can occasionnaly be strengthened with professional players (Boulogne Billancourt, Angers and Argentan).

The aims of the team will be to obtain good results against Chef Boutonne, Rambouillet and Saint Sébastien sur Loire.

The objective will be to be one of the first six teams of the group, in order to stay in Nationale 1 division during the first phase of the competition.

In the second phase, with our new Swedish player, Jesper HEDLUND (n°63), the team will be stronger. And the aim will be to get a ticket to the proB level!

The schedule of the Amiens Sport Table Tennis team

Saturday September 19th 2015 : match in CHEF BOUTONNE

Saturday October 3rd 2015 : match in Amiens against BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT

Saturday October 17th 2015 : match in Amiens against d’ANGERS

Saturday November 7th 2015 : match in SAINT SEBASTIEN

Saturday November 14th 2015 : match in Amiens against RAMBOUILLET

Saturday November 28th 2015 : match in MONACO

Saturday December 12th 2015 : match in Amiens against d’ARGENTAN

Composition of the other teams

- ACBB2 : BATOCCHI (n°162), SERISIER (n°230), DOUIFI (n°283), DE NODREST (n°308, muté), MOMESSIN (n°335, transferred), LLORCA (n°397, muté)

- ANGERS VAILLANTE 2 : PERSSON (n°33), SALAT (n°175), MARO (n°213), BLOSSIER (n°428), BOHEAS (n°447)

- ARGENTAN BAYARD 2: SZYMANSKI (n°82), FRAGKOULIS (n°88), ZHAO (n°155), DOUIN (n°196), AFANASENKO (n°288)

- CHEF BOUTONNE 1: SONNET (n°74), FILIMON (n°93), CABESTANY (n°256), DANCIU (n°354), VIERGE (n°389), STELEA (n°490), PICARD (n°60).

- MONACO AS1 : DESAI (n°48), PROVOST (n°82), GEMINIANI (n°99 transferred), PERETTI (n°105), MONZO MONTERO (n°113)

- RAMBOUILLET TT1 : DELPORTE (n°125), GUIGNARD (n°172), ZUNIC (n°193), DUCLOS (n°280, transferred)

- SAINT SEBASTIEN PPC1 : CASSARD (n°229), BOUCHAUD (n°240, transferred), LEMANSEC (n°271), BRESSON (n°497)

Yannick VOSTES, Raphaël CHATELAIN, Stéphane HUCLIEZ, Arthur BILAS

Yannick VOSTES, Raphaël CHATELAIN, Stéphane HUCLIEZ, Arthur BILAS

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