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14 février 2016 7 14 /02 /février /2016 19:41

Saturday February 13rd, third match of the second part of the National 1 League.


THE BIG match.

The winner could take the first place of the group.

The loser could jump into the Berezina river.

It could have been the Austerlitz victory for the players from Amiens.

In fact, it was Waterloo.

But not the song from the Swedish quatuor in the Eurovision 1974 (nostalgia, and dedication to Jesper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-SYuTJMPWA).

No. It was the dirty Waterloo, in 1815. With flesh, blood everywhere, torn limbs, and disemboweled players.

And at the end of the day, that particular smell. Yes, you know it. The smell of defeat.

We have lost 8/5.

The first two matches were decisive. Stéphane HUCLIEZ and Yannick VOSTES led 2 sets to 1 with a match point against Michael SAMOUILLAN and Martin ALLEGRO. And they both lost 3 sets to 2. And then Yannick VOSTES, feeling down, lost against Michael SAMOUILLAN.

Ite missa est.

Stéphane HUCLIEZ wanted to get his revenge on the salty biscuits after the match. But like the air-guitar contest (a weird form of movement in which the performer pretends to play an imaginary guitar) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARU-fz5nvGA), the players from Issy have invented a new concept : the air-aperitive. No beer. No biscuit. Nothing.

A match like a visit to Vladimir POUTINE. If he was an ear nose and throat specialist. He ties you up on a metal chair. And then he takes your tonsils out. But with a rusty tea spoon. Of course without anesthesia. Then you have to swallow them. And he pushes you out in the cold, rainy and windy night. Wearing shorts.

So the first place of the group is flying away. And our dream of play-off is destroyed.

The players of Issy have smashed the stargate of proB on our fingers.

But the team will regenerate from its ashes, like the phenix.

A club that that has taught to Benoit VAQUIER how to count to eleven, cannot give up !

Yannick VOSTES (1 victory) : New season of SURVIVOR for Yannick on saturday. First, he lost the immunity challenge against Martin ALLEGRO (defeat 3/2). As there was nothing to eat on the Issy island, Michael SAMOUILLAN gave him the match report for his meal (defeat 3/2). Fortunately he managed to win his last match against Kevin RIVOAL (victory 3/0). So he will not be forced to carry the bag of Stéphane HUCLIEZ.

Raphaël CHATELAIN (0 victory) : Probably the first victim of the Zika virus infection: he won no set today, with three defeats 3/0 against Kevin RIVOAL, David JOHNSTON and Michael SAMOUILLAN, and 3/0 in the double associated with Yannick VOSTES!

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (0 victory + double) : The emergency state for his first match : and a defeat 3/2 against Michael SAMOUILLAN. Then he was involved in the government reshuffle of the French president François HOLLANDE. He could choose to become minister of thrashing against Martin ALLEGRO (defeat 3/0). But finally he chose to become minister of Those-who-cannot-win-at-the-end (defeat 3/2 against David JOHNSTON though he was leading 2/0).

Jesper HEDLUND (3 victories + double) : Solidity, fiability and robustness of a SAAB motor. Always the Swedish quality for ever. First a short period of running against Kevin RIVOAL (victory 3/0). Then rise of power against David JOHNSTON (victory 3/2). He finished in full speed against Martin ALLEGRO (victory 3/1). The ExxonMobil company in an TV advertising recommended to put a Tiger in your tank. In Amiens we have put a motor in our Swedish Tiger!

The matches :

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) loses against Martin ALLEGRO (n°142) (5,-89,-10,-9)

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) loses Michael SAMOUILLAN (n°107) (9,-2,9,-13,-8)

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) wins against Kevin RIVOAL (n°120) (7,8,11)

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) loses against David JOHNSTON (n°115) (3,4,7)

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) loses against Michael SAMOUILLAN (n°107) (5,-6,-11,7,-8)

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) loses against Martin ALLEGRO (n°142) (-10,-7,-8)

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) loses against Kevin RIVOAL (n°120) (-6,-4,-11)

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) wins against David JOHNSTON (n°115) (6,-6,7,-10,7)

Jesper et Stéphane win against Kevin et Michael (9,8,8)

Yannick et Raphaël win against Martin et David (-8,-10,-3)

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) wins against Kevin RIVOAL (n°120) (11,9,7)

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) wins against Martin ALLEGRO (n°142) (6,5,-7,2)

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) loses against Michael SAMOUILLAN (n°107) (-8,-5,-7)

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) loses against David JOHNSTON (n°115) (9,2,-7,-4,-12)

The players from Amiens say goodbye to the play-off...

The players from Amiens say goodbye to the play-off...

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