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Eric JOUTI is a 24 years old Brazilian player. He will play in the team of Amiens Sport Table Tennis club in Nationale 1 for the season 2018/2019.

Eric is number 89 in the ITTF world ranking. And he is a member of the Brazilian team with Hugo CALDERANO and Gustavo TSUBOI.

Eric is a right-handed player, very fast, and talented.

But he always takes time to learn some samba steps to his opponents.

He will play a few matches in Amiens next season. But for sure, during theses matches it will be like Rio Carnival in the Amiens Sport Table Tennis Club!

Bem-vindo a Amiens Eric !

Eric JOUTI: our new Brazilian friend !

The age Eric began table tennis : 10 years old

The club where he played table tennis first : ADR Itam Keiko

The Brazilian and European clubs where Eric played by the past:

Brazilian club: ADR Itaim Keiko, Frantt Pirracicaba, SEEST Sao Caetano do Sul.

European clubs: TV Leiselheim (Germany, 2014/2015), TTC Weinheim (Germany 2016/2017), Herlev (Dannemark 2017/2018)

The Clubs where Eric will play next year : Kävlings (Sweden) and Amiens (France)

His main titles :

Gold medallist 2013,2014,2016 in the ITTF -Latin American Championships Teams.

Gold medallist 2014 ITTF- Latin American Championships U-21.

Gold medallist 2015 ITTF- World Tour Argentina Open Men's Singles.

Bronze medallist 2016 ITTF- Latin American Men's Singles.

Bronze medallist 2016 ITTF - Latin American Cup Men's Singles.

Silver medallist 2017 ITTF - Panamerican Cup Men's Singles.

Gold medallist 2018 ITTF- Latin America Championships- Men's Singles.

His best memories in table tennis:

WTTC 2018 in Halmstad. We beat Portugal, North Korea, Russia and Czech Republic in the groups. Lately we faced Croatia in 1/8 and we won 3:2 very close, with a big celebration by the team. First time that the Brazilian team reaches ¼ final in the World Championships of table tennis.


The questionnaire freely inspired by Marcel PROUST, the French writer

1- What is your main character trait : Determination
2 – What is the quality you most like in a male table tennis player : Explosion, strenghtness and smartness
3 - What is the quality you most like in a female table tennis player : Speed, footwork close to the table

4 – What do you most value in your friends : Loyalty
5 – What is your favorite occupation (beside table tennis) : Study!
6 – Your idea of perfect happiness : You create your own happiness

7 – Your greatest fear ? : Lose my friends and parents
8 – The level you would like to reach: As far as I can, no limit!
9 – The country you would like to live : USA, Spain or Korea

10 – The rubbers you love : Tenergy 05
11 – The playing hall you love for table tennis :  All the big halls!
12 – Your favorite table tennis player : Myself ^^
13 – Your favorite composers or singers : Linkin Park, Avicii, Alan Walker
14 – Who is your hero in real life : My parents
15 – Which living person do you most admire ? Messi
16 – The table tennis rule you most admire : To finish the sets at 11 points
17– Which talent or skill would you like to have : Strenght

18– What is your current state of mind : Excited!
19 – What is your motto : “Do it right or don’t do it!”


The Bernard PIVOT questionnaire (French TV animator):
1. Your favorite word ? : Persistence
2. The word you hate ? : Defeat
3. Your favorite drug ? : Table Tennis
4. The job you do not want to do at all ? : Journalist
5. The plant, the tree or the animal you would like to be reincarnated ? : An eagle or a shark
6. If God exists, what will he say to you when you will meet him ? : Son I know what I’m doing, just keep looking ahead that everything gonna be alright”

Eric JOUTI: our new Brazilian friend !
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