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Saturday March 12th, 5th round of the second part of the French Nationale 1 League.

The team went to Poitiers, in the French department of Vienna. Where Charles MARTEL stopped the Muslin army in 732: Learn the French history by reading our report, because the A level examination is soon coming!

After five-hours-drive, and a few relaxation exercises, Stéphane HUCLIEZ put on his evening dress. And asked the players of Poitiers to dance. At the end of the day his dance card was full. Verdict: drawn match 7/7.

With 3 victories and a drawn match, the team of Amiens will stay in Nationale 1 for the next season!

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) (1 victory + double) : Perplexed today as if he were opening an Ikéa box, containing a furniture kit, and the incomprehensible installation instructions! He was able to screw a few boards together against Simon SOULARD (victory 3/2). But he had too many questions in mind to build the drawers against Luca SAMAR (defeat 3/1) and to build the doors against Rémi BLANCHON (defeat 3/0).

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) (3 victoires): The BIG Yannick VOSTES was here tonight. Yes here is the 2016 winner of the Belgian championship (that will take place in the town of Tournai next week) !!! Three victories against Rémi BLANCHON (3/1), Julien ARANDEL (3/0) and Simon SOULARD (3/1). Yannick NOAH had the authorization to play the Davis Cup with the French team in Guadeloupe two weeks before. Yannick VOSTES asked to play the 6th round of the French National 1 League there, in 3 weeks. Benoît VAQUIER agreed.

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) (2 victories + double) : For Stépane it was back to the future.

He took his DeLoreane car to go back in time. And he found his legs as if he were 20 years old! With two beautiful victories against Luca SAMAR (3/0) and Julien ARANDEL (3/1). And only one defeat against Simon SOULARD (3/1). Marty McFLY HUCLIEZ salutes you ! He began to sell his tickets for back to the future I and II against Rouen and Levallois

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) (0 victoy) : In Poitiers, the town with one hundred churches, he played like a choirboy against Julien ARANDEL (defeat 3/0). Then he took the collection for the priest Rémi BLANCHON (défaite 3/0). At the exit he asked for charity against Luca SAMAR (défaite 3/1).

The detail

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) wins against Rémi BLANCHON (n°151) (5,9,-8,6)

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) loses against Julien ARANDEL (n°394) (-5,-9,-5)

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) wins against Simon SOULARD (n°197) (-9,7,9,-8,7)

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) wins against Luca SAMAR (n°376) (9,7,9)

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) loses against Rémi BLANCHON (n°151) (-1,-4,-7)

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) wins against Julien ARANDEL (n°394) (7,10,9)

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) loses against Luca SAMAR (n°376) (-6,-7,2,-8)

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) loses against Simon SOULARD (n°197) (-5,-12,6,-8)

Jesper & Stéphane win against Julien & Simon (4,8,-7,8)

Raphaël & Yannick loss against Rémi & Luca (-6,7,-8,-10)

Jesper HEDLUND (n°63) loses against Rémi BLANCHON (n°151) (-9,-6,-8)

Yannick VOSTES (n°73) wins against Simon SOULARD (n°197) (-7,-5,-11)

Raphaël CHATELAIN (n°356) loses against Luca SAMAR (n°376) (-5,-6,8,-1)

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (n°174) wins against Julien ARANDEL (n°394) (10,-,-7,8)

Yannick VOSTES & Stéphane HUCLIEZ: nice training!

Yannick VOSTES & Stéphane HUCLIEZ: nice training!

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